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Happy Friday, everyone! I come bearing GIFTS. Ivan ran the very first ever Locksmith’s Dream beta earlier this month, and it was a stonking success. We finally have some illustrative photos of the event – which is surprisingly hard to talk about, as it’s not really like anything else. Occult scavenger hunt? Punchdrunk meets Downton Abbey? An escape room set over an entire house? Well you’ll just have to go and see for yourself, won’t you…

Click for larger images!

In case you thought I forged the above, beta attendees wrote some lovely things that they were not in any way forced to say. I swear on the Weather Factory cats’ lives that people actually said this:

There are still a few tickets left for the Locksmith’s Dream in December, so if the above snags your interest, check out available dates here.

The Locksmith’s Dream isn’t a Weather Factory-run project – it’s being run and managed by Ivan, with our input and writing / art direction – so we’re not sure what comes next for the project in 2023. But the beta showed the event has real promise, there’s nothing else like it out there, and nobody got drunk and fell down the stairs. So well done to everyone who attended and didn’t get drunk and fall down the stairs! Well done to Ivan, and all involved staff for doing such a fantastic job! And cheers to the Caer Adars of the future – whatever and wherever they may be. ♥

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  1. I think I’m quite jealous of the staff; it’s fun to make stories for others and to cook them delicious meals.

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