September #1: ROSSETTI

Before I get into what we’ve been up to, we have a


We’ve decided to push back the Dancer DLC release by one sprint (two weeks). If you’ve read our retrospective, you’ll know that we ran hot trying to keep up with bug reports and feedback in the weeks after launch. This time, we’re going to put some extra time into QA and playtesting to make sure the launch for the update is as smooth as we can make it. Life has intervened enough in our original plan that we won’t be able to complete Teresa’s full content as get QA/playtesting in by the end of September, so our new release date for the Dancer DLC is mid October. We’ll announce an Actual Date in the next few weeks, but we wasted a potential press moment by announcing a date super early for CS itself and I would like to learn from that mistake.

There’s necessarily a big gap at the end of the indie year to let Halloween, ‘Triple-A November’ and Christmas play themselves out, so our updated release schedule is as follows:

  • Teresa’s Build (aka the Dancer DLC): mid-October 2018
  • Christopher’s Build: mid-January 2019
  • Franklin’s Build: March/April 2019

I’ve updated the roadmap to reflect our changes, and we don’t like doing this! But we also don’t want to release another Neville’s Build, so there. ♥

Now, your actual update! In between excellent ruminations on how to make best use of player feedback, Alexis has been writing what he calls ‘his sexiest content to date’, all about how you can take off your non-gender-specific clothes and also possibly skin and seduce benefactors who have a constantly ticking-up ‘Boredom’ meter before they unceremoniously dump yo ladder-climbing, possibly also skinless, butt. Or, y’know, die and leave you a lovely lump sum in their will.

We also commissioned a bunch of totally dreamy icons from our beloved Clockwork Cuckoo, and I worked on some familiars/aspects/Legacy icons, all in preparation for Teresa’s Build.

A warning! I may redo the colours on our Legacy icons, cos the Legacy screen could look prettier.

And let us all just pause a moment to appreciate this icon’s particular beauty.

This Gaiety Club’s icon is not particularly significant, just every time I see it a voice in my head whispers, ‘Ta-daaa!’

Chris has also been hard at work for us fixing a bunch of UI issues and again, filling the Quality of Life jug with the lemonade of Various UI Tweaks. You can see his and Alexis’s recent changes in our Steam patch notes, here: they include things like fixes to double-click bug issues, volume sliders not actually changing volumes, and improved automatic card placement on the tabletop.

This sprint, we announced that we’re officially opening the Weather Factory Church of Merch – rather more humbly called ‘Weather Factory’ on Etsy as some very selfish person had already thought of ‘churchofmerch’ – on Monday 17th September, which is LITERALLY NEXT SPRINT! We only have limited stock to begin with, as it’s a bit of an experiment, and welcome your merch thoughts on our Reddit thread here if you have them.

Fiiiinally, I opened Weather Factory’s women in games initiative, Coven Club, which sold out in a day and I hope to make fun buns for, and we sent out our August monthly newsletter that only had about 320582345032853294 typos in, but you know what, it also had some pictures too SO IT WAS FINE

If you have any questions about updated schedules, roadmaps or anything else in this update, feel free to leave a comment here or ping us directly @factoryweather on Twitter. I leave you with news that I literally cooked a parmigiana so monstrously huge that when I put it in the oven, the oven fell out of the wall, and that while I’m away on holiday in Italy, Alexis has punched a birb. This is the sort of #content you’re all here for, right?

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  1. Hi, I just learnt of your game, I think it’s awesome. Id like to pay something extra to have the perpetual edition (missed it because I just learnt)

    To simply forget about checking for DLCs and just having them all at release

    Please consider this kind of option? Its unfair that newcomers cant have this edition somehow…

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