October Dawn



That’s it! the Cultist Simulator Kickstarter is complete with eighty-two thousand and thirty three pounds at the top of the page, and four thousand seven hundred and eighty eight backers. I thought this would do okay, but it’s done a hell of a lot better than okay.

This isn’t the end of *anything*; this is the point at which the work steps up a gear. I meant what I said in the livestream – I am very serious about feeling this as a duty to deliver.

But today, I am taking off to eat bacon sandwiches and look at the river. I’m still intermittently answering questions on the AMA , and I’ll do a retrospective post on how the Kickstarter went, like the one I did for Sunless Sea, but those things can wait until the week.

Thank you all so much – everyone who backed, everyone who talked about the campaign, everyone who gave advice. I hoped we’d do okay, but we’ve done a lot better than okay.

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