“Write a truth in a book that no-one reads. Then drop dead. No-one knows what you wrote. Unless the truth is numen.”

We’ve just emailed a bunch of new and existing testers to confirm the release of our final and most lore-heavy beta, NOCTURNAL. Unless we run into significant bugs we’re not expecting, this beta will only run for one week (we’ll remove access from everyone on Monday 24th July), and will be BOOK OF HOURS’ last beta release. Get your early access while stocks last!

Having a beta build live is fantastic for catching issues but adds a support and development burden to us for the duration. So we want a short sharp pinch of testing to make sure the game’s still holding up okay, then focused dev time in the run up to launch so we can get stuck into final content passes, technical optimisations and all the little baubles that make an inanimate fir tree you’ve stuck in a pot into a magical Christmas tree.

What’s in NOCTURNAL?

LOADS. Everything but the underground ‘Dawn’ area is available to visit. Most of the content, grace notes, polish, bug fixing, achievements (!), most of the endings (just not the ones that need access to the underground caves)… you name it, there’s probably some of it in there.

What happens next?

Well, the teeny LAUNCH will happen on LAUNCH DAY which as I’m sure you all know is THURSDAY 17th AUGUST. Did I mention I’d love you to burn this into your memories and those of everyone else you know? Thank you kindly.

I’ll probably post a final update on game dev progress next week, when we hit our internal ‘release candidate’ milestone, and we’ll have some pre-launch reveals over the course of the next month. For now, I leave you with news that we recently completed all our Numen cards – ‘truths so powerful that they, tentatively, believe themselves’ – and there is one I particularly want you to meet:

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  1. Behold the horror and despair of being a slice of pie and knowing it’s tea time!!!
    Would like to say it would be swift but truth be told i like to take my time while enjoy a good pie 😛


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