HP Lovecraft turns 130 on the 20th August 2020! So we’re running a week-long giveaway across Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to celebrate.

What are the prizes?

Sixteen people will win something!


The grand prize is a mega Lovecraftian bun dle. It includes:

★ a (vegan!) skeletal raven statuette, perfect for mantelpieces, library shelves and/or weddings and bar mitzvahs.

★ an as-yet-unavailable Travelling at Night Kindle or eReader case (your choice!)

★ a 1GB grimoire USB containing a Cultist Simulator Perpetual Edition Steam key.

Cthulhu will be jealous.

Five runners-up will win:

★ a copy of our 78-card Tarot of the Hours, a custom-made boxed set of tarot cards with which you will definitely be able to predict the future. They’re lovingly printed on black card in full colour, and are rather swish.

★ a Cultist Simulator Perpetual Edition Steam key, including the main game and all DLC.

Ten wildcards will win Perpetual Edition copies of Cultist Simulator via digital Steam keys. This includes:

★ the main game

★ the Dancer, Priest and Ghoul DLCs



How do I enter?

There are different rules depending on what social platform you’re entering on, but they’re all really easy.

Twitter entries should retweet this tweet and follow @factoryweather.

Facebook entries should like @cultistsimulator and comment on this post.

Instagram entries should tag a friend on this post and follow @weatherfactory.


Can I enter multiple times?

Yes! You can enter once on each platform: one entry on Twitter, one entry on Facebook and one entry on Instagram. This means one person can enter this competition a maximum of three times.


When do entries close?

At 5PM GMT on Thursday 20th August 2020.


When will winners be announced?

At 6PM GMT on Thursday 20th August 2020.


Do you have any legal stuff you need to say?

I do! We’re running this giveaway on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, but it’s not sponsored, endorsed, administered by and/or associated with any of those companies. Sadly.


I have another question…

If you’re confused about anything, just email Good luck!



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