MERRY CHRIMBLETIDE, BELIEVERS! This is your final culty stop before 2019, the year in which the original Blade Runner was set. Where the HECK are my neo-noir Rachael outfits, eh? Or at least the triumphant return of shoulder pads?!

Sadly, as Cultist Simulator teaches us, we live in a different strand of History. In this one, Alexis has been hard at work on the Apostle legacies, as anyone who caught the latest – slightly bonkers – livestream will know. For those of you who missed it, it’s up now on our YouTube channel. Go forth! Be informed! Watch out for Smartphone Man!

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We flew to Bilbao this sprint to talk at Fun & Serious Games, which took place in a heeeaauuuugggeee expo centre made of concrete and glass like the cry of a thousand rapturous voices upwards to the stars. I was extremely professional and refused the wine they kept offering me at lunch before my talk and I am STILL RESENTFUL. Anyway, keep yo’ eyes peeled for our companion talks going live on our respective Twitters AND on Fun & Serious’s official channels later down the line.


When not gallivanting about Basque Country, the focus of this sprint has again been on the Apostle Legacies. They’re currently available on the Steam beta branch, OR you can wait to play them in their full voluptuousness when we release Christopher’s Build at the end of next month. Release date COMING SOON.

Alexis has the framework in for Forge, Grail and Lantern Legacies, so it’s now a matter of de-FNORDING, pressing in content like a rib-cage full of grapes, and getting as many variant attacks in place to keep the game feeling fresh over time and replays. Alexis appears to be on a path on enlightenment, purifying narrative into ever clearer forms until it simply becomes


I’m delighted to have been working again with Clockwork Cuckoo, who have not only opened a new D&D Etsy store but who have also produced the following new icons in lightning quick time. These are all for Christopher’s Build, and there are many more (sadly non-Clockwork) to come.


Claire has been hard at work on all the things marketers do which no-one ever sees but without which the game would founder like ice-skaters suddenly finding their rink had turned to water, and I have bullied her into playing hours and hours of Cultist Simulator so her room may now be piled high with frenzied notes and half-remembered diagrams from dreams and we are not at all above method acting in this House. 

I’m going to skip next sprint’s update (Dec #2: ZOLA), because

a) we’ll be too busy eating mince pies and falling over Christmas tree lights, and

b) I never did like Au Bonheur des Dames, so there.

Stay tuned next week in the run up to Christmas Day with a bizarre Twitter ritual known only as OPALIA. It’ll start at 7PM GMT / 11AM PST on Monday 17th December: bring your sharpest mistletoe and deepest, darkest myrrh. Otherwise, have a truly delectable end of year, and see you on the other side. ♥

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