BOOK OF HOURS streamer / press kit

Key Facts

  • Developer & Publisher: Weather Factory
  • Release date: 17th August 2023 @ 6PM BST / 10AM PDT
  • Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux / Steam + GOG
  • Price: £19.99 / $24.99
  • Streamer / press contact:

An expansion, HOUSE OF LIGHT, is launching soon for BOOK OF HOURS on Thursday 26th September 2024 for Steam and GOG.


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Logo & Hero Art

Screenshots from BOOK OF HOURS

Screenshots from HOUSE OF LIGHT expansion


Atmosphere trailer: COME HOME

Release date announcement: STORM


“Shutter the windows against the sea. Bank the fire against the cold. Listen to the rain rattle on the roof, while you slide books one by one into their ancient nests…”

For fifteen centuries, Hush House was a fortress of knowledge. Until the fire. The collection is ruined, and the last Librarian is gone. Only one with your unique talents can rebuild the library.

BOOK OF HOURS is an elegant, melancholy, combat-free RPG set in an occult library, from the creator Fallen London, Sunless Sea and the double BAFTA-nominated Cultist Simulator.

Enjoy the sweet peace of organising books and customising your new home, all while unpeeling centuries of history from the occult stones about you.

The Librarian’s influence extends far beyond the walls of Hush House. It’s up to you to determine how history is written.

Key Features

In this 20 – 40 hour game, you’ll:

◆ ACQUIRE, RESTORE and CATALOGUE occult books, scrolls and curiosities.

◆ STUDY the nine Wisdoms, and conquer the nine Elements of the Soul.

◆ GUIDE visitors who come seeking your assistance, choosing their paths and stories.

◆ EXPLORE the Secret Histories and the pantheon of Hours that rules them.

◆ RESTORE a vast crumbling edifice built on the foundations of an ancient abbey.

◆ WREST your past from obscurity. Choose from nine different Legacies which determine who you are. You might be a Magnate, abandoning wealth to seek peace. Or an Archaeologist, fleeing the curse you awoke. Or perhaps your origins are more esoteric, like the Symurgist, or Twiceborn? Each playthrough offers different opportunities.

About Weather Factory

Weather Factory is a London-based husband and wife team established in 2017 to make ingenious narrative games. Our games include:

Alexis Kennedy is an acclaimed writer and game designer. He founded Failbetter Games, where he created Fallen London and Sunless Sea (plus StoryNexus, Machine Cares!, Night Circus, Black Crown et al). Additional credits include Dragon Age: The Last Court, Stellaris: Horizon Signal, Cultist Simulator and BOOK OF HOURS.

Lottie Bevan is an artist, producer and one of the youngest female founders in the industry. She was a 2019 BAFTA Breakthrough Brit and one of’s ‘Top 100 most influential women’. Credits include Fallen London, Sunless Sea: Zubmariner, Sunless Skies, Cultist Simulator, The Lady Afterwards and BOOK OF HOURS.

BOOK OF HOURS also features the work of a number of brilliant freelancers, including:

  • Roman Loskutov
  • Adrien Deggan
  • Clockwork Cuckoo
  • Catherine Unger
  • Maribeth Solomon
  • Soundcuts
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