Yesterday we had our FLATNIVERSARY. Yes, this is a thing I have made up to mark the otherwise featureless passage of time in a pandemic world. We’ve been in our new flat – that Cultist bought us, really – a WHOLE YEAR. Cheers!

Cultist hit a milestone this sprint, too: its mobile anniversary! So we ran a giveaway for free copies of the game, USBs and enamel pins. We now have a date for German and Japanese coming to mobile, too: Tuesday 27th April! TIN HATS ON, PEOPLE.

The update will fix our tragically borked Russian translation, along with other minor technical fixes. And speaking of our tragically borked Russian translation… updating Cultist has been a bit of a bore recently, as Alexis is busy taking a hatchet to the CS codebase to chop it into the facsimile of BOOK OF HOURS, so we can’t just push out quick new builds like we used to. That means it’s taking us longer than usual to get bug fixes into the live game, but we’ll be back to normal soon! We’re fixing ’em behind the scenes, at least.

Meanwhile, an update from Alexis… “What is Numa?”

This is what Numa does:

This is who Numa was:

This is what Numa sounds like:

This is how Numa is used:

and this is when Numa happens:



Had Janus a kingdom, it would be that city which is yet unbuilt. Had Janus a child, she would be the secret axis of the earth. Had Janus a season, it would be numa.

– Isidore of Seville, ‘Etymologiae Inemendatae’




…Hope that’s helpful.

Alexis also published some thoughts from his old column on guns and reality, along with the third and final part of his /kəˈbal/ series, while I have another BOOK OF HOURS library to talk about. The Tomb of Lies is home to the Great Hooded Princes – nobody’s quite sure where it is, but it’s presumed to be somewhere in the subcontinent. It contains knowledge on things enigmatic, on the world before, on the Fifth History, and is under the joint, uneasy guardianship of the Mother of Ants and the Horned Axe.

Click for larger version!

We only have two more libraries to reveal, one of which has typically Alexian art direction like ‘impossible Escherian labyrinths’ and ‘occasionally hexadecihedral inversions’ so… I’ll get back to you on that one.

Finally, I have embarked on a particularly exciting ✨ New Thing ✨ that I’m not going to tell you about – yet. I mentioned that we have something coming up that’ll please Cultist fans, so… What do you make of this?

That’s all for now! Enjoy your sunny/rainy/pyroclastic weekends [ delete as appropriate ]. ♥

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