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HEY EVERYONE DID YOU MISS US? We’ve borbled about in post-launch for a bit, and are now back on a schedule. This means you can expect to see fortnightly blog posts from us again, and can follow development along with our roadmap below. Woo-hoo!

Alexis posted a rough idea of Cultist’s future a few weeks ago, and we’ve now confirmed enough things to put dates to delivery. We’ve had to make space in the schedule for two Big Name Freelance Gigs of Alexis’s That I Am Apparently Not Allowed To Talk About Yet, but I reckon you’ll be impressed and maybe even interested in what these Things are, when we finally reveal ’em.

Without further ado, here’s what’s coming up over the next eight-ish months for Cultist Simulator. I’ll extend this roadmap as time goes on, so don’t worry, Time continues to pass after March 2019.

August #1: PORPHYRIA Complete! Update here.

Continued quality of life updates! The focus is on UI improvements & usability, so think text resizing, card placement tweaks, improved controls, that sort of thing. Ongoing work for Teresa’s Build.


August #2: QUO VADIS Complete! Update here.

Lovecraft’s birthday, for which we ran a #Lovecraftday giveaway, released Steam trading cards, and ran a Daily Deal on Steam and Humble! Also, our new monthly design stream (Thurs 16th)! Alexis and Lottie talk Cultist design, answer questions, and host special guest Nikhil Murthy (The Quiet Sleep), one of Weather Factory’s mentees. Ongoing work for Teresa’s Build.


September #1: ROSSETTI Complete! Update here.

Dancer DLC content, new icons from Clockwork Cuckoo, new Legacy/Aspect icons, continued UI improvements and bug fixing, Coven Club grand opening, monthly newsletter out, ongoing work on Teresa’s Build, and unfortunately I still can’t talk about one of those Big Announcements for legal/marketing/it goes beyond just Weather Factory reasons, but stay tuned. Additionally, we revamped the roadmap – changes in pink.


September #2: SHELLEY

Our monthly design stream (Thurs 13th)! Final polish/content for Teresa’s Build.


September #3: TENNYSON (Teresa’s Build release!)

Final work on Teresa’s Build/Dancer DLC: a sprint of closing/polish to keep Teresa from being Neville.


October #1: UNDINE (Teresa’s Build Release! For realsies!)

Teresa’s Build! This will include a bunch of free updates (wounded/missing Followers, rebellious Followers, romanceable Followers, new Talk interactions, improved Detective Legacy) and one paid bit of DLC (Dancer Legacy). Perpetual Edition owners, of course, get this ALL for free! Also, our monthly design stream (Thurs 18th).


October #2: VERNE

There definitely won’t be any bugs with Teresa, so we definitely haven’t left this sprint loose for fixing them. Work starts on Christopher’s Build, and the release of the Cultist Simulator soundtrack! Also, HALLOWEEN! 👻👻👻


November #1: WHARTON

Our monthly design stream (Thurs 15th)! Ongoing work on Christopher’s Build.


November #2: XEXANOTH

*Probably* two more free updates: the ‘Tainted Blood’ advanced Grail victory and huntable Long! Ongoing work on Christopher’s Build, and prep for our Christmas seasonal, OPALIA.


December #1: YOG-SOTHOTH

Ongoing Christopher’s Build work, and our pre-Christmas design stream (Thurs 13th)!


December #2: ZOLA

Christmas is the best time of the year. We shall be stuffing ourselves with mince pies and putting tinsel on cats, if you’re not too then what are you even doing with your life

January #1 (Christopher’s Build release!)

Final prep for Christopher’s Build. Also, 2019, I SUPPOSE


January #2 (Christopher’s Build release!)

Christopher’s Build! A lot of free updates (new Skill: Scholarship uses, improved research mechanics, improved expedition goals, new player-written tomes, ‘Shaped’ advanced Forge victory) and a number of paid ones, too (new expeditions, Apostle Legacy, Priest Legacy). Again, anyone with Perpetual Edition gets the lot of ’em for free! Also, our monthly design stream (Thurs 17th).


February #1

Christopher’s Build support! Work begins on Franklin’s Build.


February #2

Ongoing work on Franklin’s Build, and our monthly design stream (Thurs 21st).


March/April, into the mists of time (Franklin’s Build release!)

Franklin’s Build release! As usual, this will include a lot of free updates (luxurious lifestyles, ageing, infamy, improved painting, new seasons) and some paid ones (new Patron stories, Familiar Legacy, Survivor Legacy, omg PETS!!!!!!!!!!!!!11!1!!!). Perpetual Edition owners get the whole lot for free, of course.

One thing worth noting is that despite our commitment to these dates, we aren’t yet 100% certain on the divide between paid/free updates. We know that each of our three major builds (Teresa, Christopher, Franklin) will comprise both paid and free content, but we may change our minds about exactly what goes into which column nearer the time. However, we promise we’ll let you all know if we change anything, and we promise not to be meanies about it – we’ll try to keep everyone happy, always.

Alexis and I are off on holiday next week to Wales, where despite the Earth doing its best impression of straw on a bonfire, it apparently still looks like

See you soon, believers!

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