Twitch Prime Cultist Simulator Bug Update

Hello to those who have recently delved into Cultist Simulator after obtaining it during Twitch Prime’s July bundle. To anyone else that already plays the game or hasn’t got it via Twitch, we’re so sorry but this isn’t for you. Avert your eyes, return to the void and maybe read our other blogs.

So you’ve got the game via Twitch Prime and have been experiencing a contrary bug which makes lore studying loop ad infinitum. That’s pretty annoying and we’re sorry about that. But never fear because a fixed patch for this pesky issue is here.

  1. First of all download the patch.
  2. Open and run it.
  3. Follow the instructions and point it to the location on your hard drive where you installed Cultist Simulator through Twitch Prime.

The game should be fixed and you may continue whatever nefarious pursuits were underway in your Cultist Simulator ascent!

If you encounter any other issues, be it with the Twitch Prime version or in general, you can always let us know via

on Twitch Prime Cultist Simulator Bug Update

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