Today we release our final major build prior to launch: the HARBINGER’S BUILD. This doesn’t contain entirely new content, but steady improvements to the content we already have. Scroll down for full patch notes!

I have one thing to flag! We’ve received a lot of feedback in the last month or so that the early game could guide you better. As you can see from the patch notes, AK’s been doing a lot of work to make the early game more approachable, which wasn’t budgeted for way back when. This means we’ve had to make room for this unplanned work, and the most sensible thing to push back are additional legacies. Please note, then, that the Aspirant, Bright Young Thing, Physician and Detective may be the only full legacies at launch.

We’ll try and fit them all in, but we figure it’s more important to get the base game solid. As such, we’ll add any of the following four legacies as quickly as possible after release if we don’t have time to get them in beforehand. They’ll automatically update in your game when released, and, obviously, be free.

  • Apostle
  • Vessel
  • Tainted Blood
  • Shaped

If you have more specific questions about legacies or launch content, come ask us in person tomorrow when we sit down with beverages and the Discord for an AMA (if you aren’t a member, invite link here)! We’ll be live from 7PM London-time / 11AM PDT for as long as life allows.

Now, onto the Harbinger’s patch notes…

We’ve released a lot of interim patches since our last major build (the Explorer’s Build, on April 9th). For clarity, here are all the changes in the Harbinger’s Build since the Explorer’s.

Please note that as this is a major build, previous saves will not work. You will have to begin a new game. However, from this update onwards, you should never find yourself with illicit old saves (unless you run into a bug). 🙂

  • More content at Glover & Glover. Grapple with the notorious Mr Alden, and rise even higher in the organisation
  • Greedy slots now have visible greedy magnets
  • Prisoners now decay to corpses, restlessness now becomes dread
  • Expeditions and Rites have an extra wide window, to display aspects in a more civilised way
  • Decks now have descriptions and labels
  • Numerous tweaks to early-game hints and extra interactions
  • Upgrading Health, Reason and Passion now works very differently
  • It’s much easier to gain Vitality
  • Skills are available; currently, you can use Strength if you want to work out in the open air
  • Opium can now cause sickness and despair, but also bring Glimmering
  • You now create Cults by talking to an Acquaintance, not by talking with Reputation. Creating a Cult is slightly more involved, and you can’t have a cult with only you as a member
  • The Season of Ambitions now inspires clues, hints and restlessness if you’re not on the Ascension path yet
  • Quality of life: You can drop cards directly on to tokens with are running, if they have an empty ongoing slot
  • Exploration completely overhauled; all of Passion, Reason and Health have some extra uses now
  • Thugs can sometimes be temporarily hired to do dirty work (and their contracts extended if you’re not done with them)
  • There is now a use for Peculiar Rumours
  • There is now a temporary location that is sometimes available through Exploration
  • Acquaintances are no longer recruited with Reputation; you just need a little bit of the right aspects
  • All verbs bar Study now limit which cards can go into them, greatly reducing trial and error
  • Rites are now found in books!
  • Timers run down on cards in results. Summer’s over, folks. (I’ll add new sources for timed resources as part of the balancing process, but this is how it’s going to be)
  • Early Night no longer gives Vitality, but can have other benefits
  • You can now sell unwanted tools and texts at Oriflamme’s. There is an unintentionally hilarious graphical effect that occurs sometimes, which I’m leaving in
  • Added clues about rite / summoning use to various snippets of lore
  • Rituals are now always referred to as rites. It saves two characters and is consistent
  • The Detective legacy is now sometimes available, and there’s another minor ending available for Detectives
  • Dread is now removed, not transformed to Reason, by Contentment
  • Ferninshun of Oreol no longer crashes the game
  • If you never show up to work, there are now consequences
  • Noonstones no longer open the Peacock Gate
  • Translation mechanics have been reworked – the UI is much nicer now
  • Unique cards should no longer be drawable from decks if they’re already in the game. (There is a rare circumstance where they still will, but we’ll squash that
  • When you START a verb while paused, the countdown now shows
  • Closing Options doesn’t unpause the game
  • Countdown numerals are monospaced to avoid jitter
  • Research now tells you what lore can be combined. You can also subvert some kinds of lore with another kind of lore. Desperately need that Forge? Subvert some Lantern.
  • Rites can no longer be researched
  • All Expedition content is now in the game
  • A wider variety of hirelings are available, and they stick around longer
  • Pawns can be promoted. Different pawns have different potentials, but none of them will amount to much, poor things
  • Stats are fatigued in more cases
  • Untreated Injuries don’t disappear; they become Decrepitude. (Afflictions will, too). Decrepitude will ultimately have a small use, but is mostly a marker of where your health has gone
  • ‘The Irreproachable Traditions’ is longer translated from Latin back into Latin
  • The quote screen now provides helpful advice to lift your soul and cheer you when the dark inhabits the window-panes
Bug fixes:
  • Lazy Time bug is now fixed – Time Passing should grab funds again
  • The Deeds of the Scarred Captain and The World Does Not Weep can now be translated into English
  • Linux save bug fixed if you launch from Steam; if not, try setting LC_ALL=C %command% in the launch arguments (thanks eraveline for identifying this)
  • Some unglamorous typos
  • Flickering UI issue fixed
  • Magnet slots should no longer lurk invisibly after their time is up
  • You can sell Spintria, again (at Oriflamme’s)
  • You can no longer try to recruit a Detective as your first cult member
  • Half-implemented legacies should no longer appear
  • Influences weren’t decaying! They are now.
  • You should see a performance update from some rework Martin’s done on the zoom. Please let us know!

As ever, please send any bug reports to and we’ll get on it ASAP. Thanks!

  1. One of those legacies our the Keys to being the dawn! I do you understand the wait. It’s just the wonderful tease my friends in the game you’re making is beautiful. I just hope when we have a ghoul and the family and Lover DLC. Can finally settle down with that nice maid in the mirror.


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