The EXPLORER’S BUILD is now live, on Steam and itch! Scour the reaches of the world in search of lore. [EDIT: It’s not available now until May! See this post: ]

Dare you approach the very many Younger Sisters? Or brave the Soucouyants, and their oddly unbalanced gropings in the dark? The lure of the Mountains is strong; the sweet scent of the Cave of Candles finds you on the breeze; the great Eye of Ikirmawi stares unblinkingly into your dreams at night. Try – if you can – not to die on your trip.

Welcome to v2018.4, our penultimate update before launch. This focuses around the role of an explorer, a student of the occult who knows that to plumb the darkest depths of alternate history, one must be prepared to travel. Or at least, one’s Followers and summoned things must…

Please note that this is still very much a development build, so expect some imperfections! Please send any bugs and/or feedback, as usual, to

  • Mansus now in-game! (You’ve learned the path to the Wood, the tangled darkness that grows around the walls of the Mansus.)
  • exploration, vaults, guardians, hazards, rewards and new lore added! (Explore the Capital, the Shires, the Continent, the Land Beyond the Forest, the Rending Mountains, the Lone and Level Sands, and perhaps even the distant Evening Isles, where lies the port of Noon.)
  • new tomes: from Fucine textbooks to Sanskrit tantras! Some still have placeholder text, but all work as they should (learn Vak, Sanskrit, Aramaic and Deep Mandaic, and gather a library so profound Mr Strathcoyne will want to burgle from *you*)
  • more varied Dream outcomes (the Crowds of Sleep, a Dream of the Rain, the nightmare of the Cleansing Dawn)
  • you should no longer see dots and empty spaces haunting recipe outcomes (text, like the House, has no walls)
  • mirrors can be broken and repaired (what do prangs, pock-marks or imperfections matter? Who can say. But your Forge-friends do seem interested, and inclined to fix them soon)
  • Despair and Visions operate slightly more cleanly (clearer text and keener minds)
  • Bright Young Things now get Reason (Papa would be proud)
  • updated locations and ingredients icons (from the Unnumbered Stones to the hungry lea of Foxlily Meadows, and beyond, to the strangely rhythmic lap-lap-lappings on the shores of the Evening Isles)
  • updated location/guardian aspects (so tuff, so smol)
  • updated legacy icons (marvel at the ice-cream sundae of Aspirant, BYT and Physician)Bug fixes:
  • imprisoned Followers now have correct aspects
  • greedy slots no longer steal from other verbs
  • verbs no longer change into other verbs
  • ‘Affliction’ title fixed
  • improved lore combinations
  • combining Occult Scraps and the Serpent’s Way now have correct results text
  • A Painting of the Outer Mansus now has inspection text
  • minor typos fixed

We’ll be releasing our final pre-launch update, the HARBINGER’S BUILD, at the start of May. Enjoy the EXPLORER’S, for now!

5 comments on THE EXPLORER’S BUILD
  1. How much of Mansus is actually in game? I found the White Door and the text after dreaming of it told me that Mansus in unavailable in this build…

    1. It sounds like you’re on an old build! Make sure you’ve downloaded the latest version from itch (or use Steam)

  2. Yes, it turns out Steam misteriously decided not to detect the update at that time. Seems Cultist Simulator is too sneaky a game for its own good. 😀


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