QUIZ: which cult are you?

One of the key bits of feedback we’ve received about Cultist Simulator is that it’s just not enough like quizzes from teenage magazines in the 90s. Mizz? Sugar? Where art thou in the pitchy mire of Jazz Age thaumaturgy?

We’ve taken steps to address this. Click on the image below for a much biiiiiiiiiigger version, and scientifically work out the cult that most suits you.

Once you’ve figured out your definitely 100% accurate occult leanings, feel free to share your appropriate BADGE of DISHONOUR (and, if you like, the handy cult summary) below! Click on the image for a bigger, saveable PNG. ♥

I dedicate myself to the silence that comes and the cold that ends. #cultistsimulator I dedicate myself to the Hours which open doors. #cultistsimulator I dedicate myself to the study of the five Histories and their thousand demi-real branches. #cultistsimulator
I dedicate myself to the drumbeat which can never end. #cultistsimulator I dedicate myself to the mysteries of blood, birth and appetite. #cultistsimulator I dedicate myself to the fire that changes and remakes. #cultistsimulator
I dedicate myself to the understanding of the Light that leaks from a fiercer place. #cultistsimulator I dedicate myself to the Hours of struggle and conquest. #cultistsimulator I dedicate myself to chaos, and the unexpected Hours. #cultistsimulator



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