April #2: IRENE


Over the last two weeks, we sent out our second newsletter, jazzed up our subreddit and started planning our definitely not ill-advised launch party for the 31st (we’ll be livestreaming the actual Pushing of the Button on Caffeine.tv, and we’d love you to come freak out with us then).

We’re also hosting a Discord AMA this Tuesday 8th May at 7PM London-time / 11AM Pacific-time, where AK and I shall hang out, drink gin/wine respectively and chat CS or whatever else you fancy. If you’re not already a member, click this link to join! It is a strange and lovely place.

If you don’t know what this is, it means you are currently a well-adjusted member of society. Please address this by joining the Discord at once.
I guess we did some ‘development’ or whatever, too. AK has done a lot of work making the early game as good an experience as possible, restricting which slots will accept which cards, improving the way in which the UI highlights what’s a potential combination with the card you’re holding, and dropping in a Hansel and Gretel crumb-path of hints in the text itself.

He also wrote, like, a Thames-tonne of content. Mr Alden, everyone’s least favourite office tyrant, made his debut this sprint…

“I do not believe that you have properly understood the importance of our work here. This task will require your full attention.”

…as did Hirelings, new location text…

The interior of the temple throbs with luminescent fungi. We must peel them from the altar with our gloved hands before we can loot the place. It is as cold as rain-chilled flesh. Our gloves now are stained with light. Our breath mists in the temple chill.

…new perils, job decay, and oh, the entirety of the Detective legacy.

I am an Inspector in the capital’s police, charged with the investigation of the most vile and wretched things that one human does to another. I have ended the careers of thieves, murderers, blackmailers, arsonists. Some criminals do worse still; and on some mornings, my hands have been known to tremble.

Honestly, AK is nuts, please send help.

Martin has been busy with, you know, his ‘own’ ‘life’ and Nowhere Prophet, so we brought on an additional UI Baron in the form of Chris Payne, director of Quantum Soup Studios and General Affable Chap. He helped us with some particularly annoying Mansus bugs (several issues with cards in the House, some issues with Door-alignment, and nixing some fishing exploits), while Martin jumped in to solve some smol but pressing issues like the Problem of Muted Colours. The Skintwister AK was being secretive about last week also crouched amorphously at our kitchen table last week as they helped improve the game’s balance.

Art has progressed at its usual luge-like speed, Clockwork Cuckoo finishing one batch of icons only to be thrown heartlessly another, Sarah beavering away on new Hours cards (I can tell you one initial bit of feedback on one of them was ‘coming to cinemas near you, starring The Rock’, and another involved us invoking Dame Edna). I contributed some new aspects and elements, too.

See if you can work out which goes with which! Unless you’ve already seen them in the latest build in which case THAT’S CHEATING. Also: finally, Poppy has a face!
We’ve also tweaked all tome assets to help you know which languages you need for translation at a glance. This is WIP, but so far I’m a big fan of the Ribbons of Doom!

The Book of the White Cat by Penelope of Gordon – stories brought by the wind, whose authoress just might or might not be Alexis’s mother.
We’ll be releasing the Harbinger’s Build as planned on Monday, so look out for an update then. However, it’ll only include minor bug fixes from the patch AK has just, like a bat from HELL, released, and we’ll continue to push out patches as normal until launch.

Hope to see you on Tuesday for our AMA! I will now get back to my 300 new overnight emails from streamers. Goodbye. ;—;

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  1. Being Greek myself I found weird that the symbol on the cover of the Greek learning book is not a Greek symbol can you change it to “ABΓ” or “Ω” or “φ” or “€” or “µ” or “π” or even “~” are Greek letters and symbols also DO NOT USE GOOGLE TRANSLATE for Greek writing in you game there are always mistakes in grammar also when Lovecraft wrote the word Greek he meant Koine Greek(just liker R.Chambers did) not Classical Greek which are a bit different dialects of Ancient Greek but with the same grammar the latter being the A.Greek in literature and philosophy of my ancestors in Athens and the language usually taught in universities the former being the A.Greek used in middle East centuries ago, the new testament (and probably in Necronomicon and such) the which you can easily study in France but not in England not today neither back then (19XX) them were and are regarded as an unimportant dialect so a person that can read one type of Ancient Greek should be able to understand the other but not understand why is different and make mistakes and remember all types of Greek since the dawn of writing use the same vocalizing grammar rules you can’t mispronounce (not even the emphasis) in Greek if you know even half a dialect also have you thought having a follower’s ability being fluent in a specific language and studying together being different than letting him study alone the manuscripts food for the mind

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