August #2: QUO VADIS

Aw yiss, it’s your fortnightly round-up of Weather Factory fun! Over the last two weeks Alexis finished his work with Sekret Freelancing Projekt #2, but that took him out of the running for Cultist work for most of the sprint. So we’ve been primarily focused on the Lovecraftday giveaway, via Which Cult Are You? quizzesSteam trading cards, and getting our Dancer DLC approved for launch on Steam (we did 😄).

Oh yeah, and I guess this happened:



(For those who haven’t heard, we’re in the process of translating Cultist into Chinese and Russian. We haven’t given ourselves a hard deadline for this, because this is our first time translating a game, so we’re liable to be gored by the Hogs of Unknown at every turn on the dark, virgin path through Localisation Wood. We’ll update you when we have a definite release date!)

We also ran a slightly chaotic monthly design stream with Alexis and Nikhil Murthy on, which was totally great but, er, didn’t record. SORRY ABOUT THAT! Next month we’ll a) revert to Kickstarter Live as it works better with the chat options, and b) I’ll press record. Plus, I bought Alexis a dinky lil’ headset so he can prowl around like the hatkitty he is without sacrificing sound quality, so the audio should be a step up too. That’s scheduled for Thursday 13th September at 4PM UK-time, but more on that nearer the time.

Finally, if you entered our Lovecraftday competition, the results are in! Take a look at the list of winners below, and expect to hear from me if you’re on the list… Thanks to everyone who joined in!



I leave you with news that I crippled myself by accidentally doing yoga and appear to have set my Steam account to automatically broadcast whenever I play Cultist Simulator, so check the CS Steam page in case you catch me dithering about with debug or staring gloomily at our yet-to-be-tidied-up Legacies page. Systemchalk, who I believe to be our Very First Streamer Ever, did a heroic 7.5hr stream for us during our Daily Deal on Steam/Humble earlier this week, so I think I’ll leave the streaming up to him…



Next sprint we’ll be announcing both the opening day of our official Weather Factory merch shop (above, our Cultist’s Journal), and a new lady-centric games event that Weather Factory’s created and sponsoring, because yay ladies. Also Alexis will probably have some new words or whatever in Cultist Simulator, so you can all look forward to that as well. Happy bank holiday weekend, for now! ♥

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  1. I’m pretty sure I streamed CS, back when it was in development. The stream caught my awed reaction to seeing the Mansus for the first time, as it had just been implemented. Of course…it doesn’t exactly matter, as I don’t exactly have an ‘audience’, and so nobody came to watch the stream…

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