Check out the big data dump about how our mobile launch went! It’s a similar, smaller companion piece to our Cultist retrospective and Alexis’s ‘State of the Factory’ post.

Here’s the plan for the rest of Cultist!mobile. If you have questions that aren’t answered below, leave a comment and we’ll update the FAQ.

What’s in the current mobile version of Cultist Simulator?

Right now (July 2020), the iOS and Android versions include all the same free content that’s in the PC game. That’s New Game+ mode, romance, Expeditions, HQ and Research reworks, and the whole hog.

The mobile version also includes the Dancer, Priest and Ghoul DLCs, as well as simplified Chinese and Russian language options.

The mobile game doesn’t yet include the EXILE DLC, or our upcoming translations into German and Japanese. All of this will be included in the mobile game as soon as we can – probably by the end of 2020.

When’s EXILE coming out on mobile?

Soon! The PC version launched on Wednesday 27th of May, so we’re working to bring the mobile version out ASAP.

Are you going to release any new languages on mobile?

We are! As well as simplified Chinese and Russian, we’re working on German and Japanese translations of the whole game and all DLC. We’ll release those on PC as well as mobile, natch.

I’m a Perpetual Edition owner! Do I get a free copy of the mobile game?

I’m afraid not. The mobile version of Cultist Simulator is a totally separate project to the PC game, made with a new publisher and decided upon much later than our Kickstarter and PC launch. (Basically when we realised Cultist was actually successful and maybe we should think about porting.)

Perpetual Edition holders do get all DLC for free on PC, of course…

Could you shamelessly plug Cultist‘s mobile storefronts, please?

I thought you’d never ask! Get Cultist Simulator on either of these two dandy mobile stores.

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  1. As a professional literature translator I hope one day you’ll release Polish version. I would love to compare official translation with my own version. There are several challenging names and phrases in the game.

    In gi rum imus noc te et con sumi CIACH CIACH CIACH

  2. Could we uh, please fix the weird bug where my current run gets renamed to J Sinombre every time I click for the first time in a session?

  3. Any timeline on when the new content is coming over? I’m generally not about mobile games, but my current situation makes it the easiest way to play the game. But I’m really looking forward to the new stuff.

    Maybe I should invest in a mouse for this laptop …

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