The Second Circle of the Enigma of Secret Histories

The Second Circle of the Enigma of Secret Histories

1. Enigma is a free activity that operates in the space around Weather Factory’s work. We suppose it’s promotional, technically. It’s not a real recruitment activity for a real secret society, it’s not a mind virus, it’s not a genuine occult activity.

2. Each of the mysteries of the second circle will be available indefinitely. [This has changed.]

3. No solution to any Enigma element will ever require Enigmatics to do anything illegal; nor to make personal contact with, investigate, or visit any real person in the real world. This includes anyone associated with Weather Factory. If it looks like that’s what you need to do, it’s a sign you’re on the wrong track. Also, please don’t do those things.

4. Participation in Enigma is often frustrating. Please remember this, and be courteous to your fellow Enigmatics and to us. If you find yourself getting grumpy, step back from the keyboard. Revelations often occur after a night’s sleep.

5. If an Enigmatic causes heartache or distress – to us or anyone else – the simplest thing for us to do is to ban them from participating further. The simplest form of ban is a shadowban, where we quietly remove them from email or postal lists.

  1. [This rule is no longer relevant.]

7. There is a Golden Rule, and the Golden Rule is UMBOTI: You May Be Overthinking It.