Our roadmap of development and ★ E V E N T S ★ for Cultist Simulator, BOOK OF HOURS and any other unannounced projects we may or may not be working on! We’ll add more info to this as we get further into BoH.

January #1: APELLICON | 4th – 15th January
BOOK OF HOURS dev begins proper. We start repair, foundations, main menu, and saving and loading. Also, some Cultist Simulator Switch news.

Complete! Sprint review here.


January #2: BEITOU

18th – 29th January

Hush House! Skeleton Songs season 2 begins, and our January newsletter goes out.


🌟 February #1: CURIA 🌟

1st – 12th February

Cultist Simulator: Initiate Edition launches on the Nintendo Switch on Tues 2nd Feb! GET HYPE AND GET CURSED. Also, BOOK OF HOURS furniture.


February #2: DAR AL-‘ILM

15th – 26th February

Book organisation! Skeleton Songs ep2, and our February newsletter goes out.


March #1: EBLA

1st – 12th March

Book use!


March #2: FOLIO

15th – 26th March

Librarian movement! And Skeleton Songs episode 3.



29th March – 9th April

Content-heavy sprint and overflow. And our March newsletter goes out.



12th – 23rd April

Librarian resources!



26th April – 7th May

Replay and testing functionality. Also, our May newsletter comes out and Skeleton Songs ep 4 releases.



10th – 21st May

Accessibility, config and loc prep.


💀 May #2: KIRJALUOLA 💀

24th May – 4th June

Cultist Simulator‘s third anniversary! So expect some fun things here. Also, our May newsletter goes out and we release Skeleton Songs ep5.


🚩🚧 June #1: LEUVEN 🚧🚩

7th – 18th June

MAYBE A PUBLIC ALPHA OF BOOK OF HOURS?! Also everything after this may be totally reworked once we have a better idea of development. 🙂


🍸 June #2: MORGAN 🍸

21st June – 2nd July

Weather Factory holidaaaaay (and maybe Skeleton Songs ep6 comes out).


July #1: NO PLACE

5th – 16th July

Content-heavy sprint and overflow.


July #2: OSSUARY

19th – 30th July

Seasons and VFX. Also our July newsletter goes out and Skeleton Songs ep7 releases.


August #1: PERGAMUM

2nd – 13th August

Music and SFX.


🍸 August #2: QUARTO 🍸

16th – 27th August

BoH work TBC. Skeleton Songs ep 8 comes out, and we have another smol holiday!


September #1: RHODES

30th August – 10th September

Room refactoring, and our August newsletter goes out.


September #2: SERAPEUM

13th – 24th September

Renovation and decoration. Skeleton Songs episode 9 comes out.


October #1: TAMA

27th September – 8th October

Content-heavy sprint and overflow. And our September newsletter goes out.


October #2: UGARIT

11th – 22nd October



👻 October #3: VELLUM 👻

25th October – 5th November

We try something new for Halloween, Skeleton Songs series 2 finale, and our October newsletter goes out.


November #1: WORMHOLES

8th – 19th November

Item organisation!


🎄 November #2: XIANYANG 🎄

22nd November – 3rd December

We try something new for Christmas. And our November newsletter goes out.


December #1: YELLOWING

6th – 17th December

Content-heavy sprint and overflow, along with ongoing Christmas fluff.


🎅 December #2: ZIMRI-LIM 🤶

20th – 31st December


Next year…