[We had intended to leave this open indefinitely until we found someone we liked enough, but we’ve had an unexpected bonanza of very strong candidates! So we’re closing applications at 23:59 GMT, Monday 11th March.]

Weather Factory is an indie studio founded in 2017 by Lottie Bevan and Alexis Kennedy (creator of Fallen London and Sunless Sea) to make experimental narrative games, and joined recently by Claire Sharkey of Sharkbit. Our first project, Cultist Simulator, exceeded all our expectations, and we’re growing the studio.

This is an opportunity to work on creatively interesting projects, with autonomy and respect, for a studio that treats people like people. We’re committed to salary transparency, we have a no-crunch policy, and we offer a profit pool scheme starting 2020.

We’re looking for a Writer-Designer who can create thoughtful, compelling interactive text-based content for a longer-term experimental project. This is a permanent full-time hire or a contract role of 1 year minimum. It’s a remote role, but it’ll be easier if you’re in or close to London for occasional face time.

This could be a fit for a talented newcomer near the beginning of their career, or a seasoned veteran looking for something different. We’ll pay according to experience.

This is a key hire open for us, so it’s open to rolling applications until we find someone we really like.


  • Really good prose skills
  • Interactive narrative experience on a published commercial game development project with resource-management elements

For your application to be considered, we need to see a sample of your work. This should be minimum 500, maximum 2000 words of what you would consider your best and most relevant credited work from a published commercial game. It should specifically showcase interactive narrative with resource-management elements. It doesn’t need to be in playable form – ideally it would be screenshots to make the context clear. It can be multiple excerpts, and it can be from one or more games.

‘Interactive narrative’ can mean branching, state-based or scripted, but you must be credibly suited to working in a framework where choices affect resources meaningfully – not just pure story. ‘Published commercial game development project’ can mean a substantial self-published small project.


  • Familiarity with our prior work
  • Credit on at least one commercially published project made by a team of 3 or more people.
  • Ability to bluff engagingly at degree-plausible level about archaeology, classics, history, literature… or an actual degree, either works
  • Software development background
  • Concise, pithy prose style

We like multi-skilled folk. Any other gamedev-relevant skills are a plus – animation, art, audio, software development, systems design, video, web skills.

Personality fit: autonomy, informality, integrity.

Applicants using one particular unusual word in their application will have an advantage over applicants who don’t.

If you’re interested, please mail with your CV,  the writing sample described above, and something about why you’re interested.

No recruiters, thanks!