Today we release our final major build prior to launch: the HARBINGER’S BUILD. This doesn’t contain entirely new content, but steady improvements to the content we already have. Scroll down for full patch notes! I have one thing to flag! We’ve received a lot of feedback in the last month or so that the early […]

April #2: IRENE

HAPPY LAUNCH MONTH, EVERYONE! Cultist Simulator launches in…Countdown Over the last two weeks, we sent out our second newsletter, jazzed up our subreddit and started planning our definitely not ill-advised launch party for the 31st (we’ll be livestreaming the actual Pushing of the Button on, and we’d love you to come freak out with […]

April #1: HOPKINS

So, this sprint has been… insane. We released the Explorer’s Build, which has been rapidly iterated on by Alexis to the point that we’re now on 2018.4.j.1, despite having two events and a bunch of international flights between last Monday and now. But seeing as text is super lame and definitely a dying medium, what […]


The EXPLORER’S BUILD is now live, on Steam and itch! Scour the reaches of the world in search of lore. [EDIT: It’s not available now until May! See this post: ] Dare you approach the very many Younger Sisters? Or brave the Soucouyants, and their oddly unbalanced gropings in the dark? The lure of the […]


Ladies and gents, Hinter and Percussigants, Templars Unceasing and Wildwood peers: the Adept’s Build is HERE! This is a big milestone for Cultist Simulator, as it brings us to around the 60% Of The Game Is Basically Done mark (a very good place to be). We gave some details of what’s in the Adept’s Build […]

Cultist Simulator: Kicksmass Eve

Cultist Simulator: Kicksmass Eve

Tomorrow I launch the Kickstarter for Cultist Simulator. That link works, but it’s still a preview link, but once the project is live, it’ll be a … live link. The link will work now. It’ll work tomorrow, too. It’s not a dead link now. With strange aeons even death may die. Hi, my name’s Alexis, […]

The Cultist and the Terminator

The Cultist and the Terminator

Sometimes the right name is inevitable. Sunless Sea was the obvious name from the moment the idea showed up. Sometimes they need tweaking. When I first pitched its sequel, it was always going to be called ‘Sunless Sky’; after I left Failbetter, the team changed it to ‘Sunless Skies’ because they got understandably nervous. And sometimes […]

Cultist Simulator Devlog: Loose, Tight

When you hear the phrase ‘choices in games’, what do you think of? It might be this: or this: or indeed this: But equally it might be this: or this: Lots of choices! Where are you going to send your crew, what are you going to repair, should you teleport your boarding party home and […]

CULTIST SIMULATOR: Next Steps and Release Date

BEHIND THE WORLD IS THE MANSUS. ITS CORRIDORS ARE THE ANGLES OF TIME. I spent my first month out of Failbetter building an alpha Javascript prototype of an experimental game, CULTIST SIMULATOR, to test out some mechanics and lore. My eerily insightful playtesters identified a lot of things that worked and a lot that could work […]