Happy not really anything month, everyone! We’ve had a v busy sprint (the most important part being I met Stacey Dooley at the BAFTA Breakthrough Brits party, obvs), so let’s get down to it. The key thing this sprint was a much better idea of what we’re doing with Christopher’s Build. I’ve updated the roadmap […]


Happy November, all! This sprint was deliberately left light, to accommodate the fallout from our Dancer DLC. I’m pleased to say Alexis, Chris and Fraser are badass so there were only a few bugs to fix! Go team code go. We took a much needed few days off in the first week, where we went to […]



Heyyyyyyyy everyone. Quite a busy past two weeks! I am sprawled in my sunny office grimacing at pigeons as they come and try to eat the food I’ve bought for the chickadees (the Birbsy family) and magpies (the Benny family). This the life of a tired Weather Factory dev. The headline is, of course, that […]

September #3: TENNYSON

How in an unholy month of moons did we get to the end of this sprint already?! Well, first things first. We had An Announcement this week: Write it in your diaries! Mark it on your almanacs! Fix this brass alignment on your tarnished astrolabes! This is when our Dancer DLC releases, in just over […]

September #2: SHELLEY

September #2: SHELLEY

Happy Friday, believers! Your bi-monthly glance through the window of our souls is here. In case you missed me talking about it constantly and it taking over my life, this sprint we opened our Weather Factory shop! It’s on Etsy, we’ve only a small amount of stock to work out what sells and what doesn’t, […]

September #1: ROSSETTI

Before I get into what we’ve been up to, we have a 📣CHANGE WARNING📣! We’ve decided to push back the Dancer DLC release by one sprint (two weeks). If you’ve read our retrospective, you’ll know that we ran hot trying to keep up with bug reports and feedback in the weeks after launch. This time, we’re […]

August #2: QUO VADIS

Aw yiss, it’s your fortnightly round-up of Weather Factory fun! Over the last two weeks Alexis finished his work with Sekret Freelancing Projekt #2, but that took him out of the running for Cultist work for most of the sprint. So we’ve been primarily focused on the Lovecraftday giveaway, via Which Cult Are You? quizzes, Steam […]

August #1: Porphyria

Happy Friday, beloveds! Here’s what we’ve been up to, this fine August sprint. Firstly, we went on holiday to Wales. It was totally rad and Alexis practically melted on the drive down into a soft, gooey glow of remembered happiness. Yay! And then of course we came back and did work. Most of Alexis’s week […]

Cultist Simulator: the retrospective

Cultist Simulator: the retrospective

Alexis wrote a mini-retrospective a couple of weeks ago which talks about the immediate aftermath of launch. Take a look if you haven’t already! This retrospective’ll go over some of the same points, but we’re looking at the whole project here. It’s worth mentioning that there are lots of things – both good and bad – […]

May #1: JAMES

Cultist Simulator launches in…Countdown ??????????????????????????????????? So… that’s a thing. We’ve been working hard, trying to get CS in as sparkly a place as possible while stopping ourselves from going respectively insane. There was a certain amount of …some rousing speeches… …and a healthy dose of… …but SwearTrek (the above, all courtesy of), our community and […]