December #1: BEARDSLEY sprint update

Update time! From now on, we’re going to post updates every two weeks so you can follow the detail of Cultist Simulator‘s development. Like a hop-on, hop-off London bus, but made of apocryphal truths half-remembered from dreams. The key thing this sprint was getting the Scholar’s Build out: which we did! Go, Team Apocalypse, go! […]


Who doesn’t want to roleplay a lonely, maladjusted intellectual with a well-stocked local bookshop? Exactly. Cultist Simulator’s first public beta – the Scholar’s Build – is all grimoires by candlelight, feverish translation and/or Faustian pacts with your gran. Get it now on! (And if you like it, wishlist us on Steam!) The Scholar’s Build is […]

The Thing on the Doorstep

Greetings, everyone! I wanted to introduce myself, as I’m the new co-founder of Weather Factory. I love wine and candles and the moon; I hate, primarily, spiders. Follow me on Twitter, if you like. I’ll be doing as much work as possible around Alexis’s writing and design, so he can focus on colouring the edges […]