Happy Friday, everyone! First things first: our #Lovecraftday giveaway winners! The week-long celebration of everything non-Euclidean is now over, so we can announce the lucky few. They are:

GRAND PRIZE: polarmoon

RUNNERS-UP: sun.skunk + Charlotte Hylton

WILDCARDS: vicarlaw, _humanyuan, Vittorio Filippo Dinca, Cody Duvall, ivan_the_second, Adi Nugroho TJ, schelemeus, brawkward, Andrej Bogataj and bielthekantian

Congrats to everyone who won! I’ll be in touch on Monday with your Steam keys or a request for your postal address for your prizes. If you didn’t win this time, DON’T WORRY! We’ll run more of these competitions later down the line. ♥

Now, The Lady Afterwards. We ran our first playtest with real humans last week, and I learned many useful things: we probably need two sets of dice; nobody knows anything about Alexandria; and it actually really isn’t annoying to listen to 1920s music for four hours. So that’s good.

All our character pins are now in production…

…And I’ve redesigned our character sheets four times now, though each time for the better! Here’s a preview of the Exile’s sheet, as it (possibly, might) appear in the actual game:

It’s only right you see the Exile’s questionnaire, too. DOES CRIME PAY?

More info on release dates soon! In the meantime, please distract yourselves with a new Skeleton Songs, completing our two-parter on tabletop RPGs. AK admits to an embarrassing story in Bangor dressed as a dragon, and I talk about how Game of Thrones is Love Island for nerds. Listen to it on all usual channels.

Finally, meet the real-life Mother of Ants! Designed and created by an extremely talented lady named Laura, a long-time friend of Alexis’s and a dab-hand at esoteric knitting. The Mother is over a foot tall, has her own knife and set of keys, a hand-blooded (!) stole, and her cigarette actually lights up.

SNEK BEBES. 😍 We have a Vagabond coming from a different artist, too – I believe that one’s a bust in bronze. So we’ll share photos of our growing pantheon of arty Hours as and when they arrive…

The upgraded website is in staging, which means it won’t be too much longer ’til it’s live. Can’t wait to show it to you! And hopefully we’re moving into some very beautiful new offices in the next couple weeks, which finally gives me the opportunity to decorate it like a 1920s speakeasy which I’ve been threatening to do ever since we co-founded Weather Factory. Watch out for the photos, coming soon – and have a spooky, excellent weekend for now.

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