Roadmap 2021

Our roadmap of development for Cultist Simulator, BOOK OF HOURS and any other unannounced projects we may or may not be working on…

January #1: APELLICON

4th - 15th January

BOOK OF HOURS dev begins proper. We start repair, foundations, main menu, and saving and loading. Also, some Cultist Simulator Switch news.

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January #2: BEITOU

18th - 29th January

Hush House! Skeleton Songs season 2 begins, and our January newsletter goes out.

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February #1: CURIA

1st - 12th February

Cultist Simulator: Initiate Edition launches on the Nintendo Switch on Tues 2nd Feb! GET HYPE AND GET CURSED. Also, BOOK OF HOURS furniture.

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March #1: EBLA

1st - 12th March

Ongoing BoH dev and Skeleton Songs episode 2.

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March #2: FOLIO

15th - 26th March

Ongoing BoH dev and Skeleton Songs episode 3.

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29th - 9th April

Final bit of repair + foundation. And our March newsletter goes out.

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10th - 21st May

Book organisation!

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June #1: LEUVEN

7th - 18th June

BoH design update, more on The Lady Afterwards.
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July #1: NO PLACE

5th - 16th July

Content-heavy sprint and overflow.

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July #2: OSSUARY

19th - 30th July

Librarian resource control, our July newsletter and Skeleton Songs ep7.
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Sept #1: RHODES

30th - 10th September

The Lady Afterwards release date, details and Enigma’s new form.

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13th - 24th September

The Lady Afterwards hits its release milestone, and we dive deep into BOOK OF HOURS‘ music.

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Oct #1: TAMA

27th - 8th October

The Lady Afterwards launch day hype! And freebies, and let’s be nice to people’s mental health.

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Oct #3: Vellum

25th - 5th November

Pumpkins, world-first Steam bundles and what to expect in The Lady Afterwards: Digital Edition.

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Nov #1: Wormholes

8th - 19th November

The Lady Afterwards: Digital Edition launches! 🎉

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Nov #2: Xianyang

22nd - 3rd December

Ongoing BoH development, rework of the roadmap and prep for an unannounced third project…

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Dec #1: Yellowing

6th - 17th December

We announce something new, just in time for Christmas.

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Dec #2: Zimri-Lim

20th - 31st December

Honestly, not much. COS IT’S CHRISTMAS 🎄✨🕯

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