Alexis Kennedy

Alexis Kennedy


GDC 2018: It Couldn’t Happen Herefeatured

I’m doing another GDC talk, this time on the Indie track: It Couldn’t Happen Here: Intensely Practical Tips For Growing An Indie Studio I’ll be sharing lessons and war stories from both Failbetter and Weather Factory, with the occasional excursus into useful things I picked up in my gap year. My co-founder and I will both Read more


Apep and Ra: Seven Intensely Practical Tips About Organising Setting Documentation for Narrative Gamesfeatured

I saw this tweet Folks who make narrative or adjacent games with 3-10 member teams: please share how you organize your design & worldbuilding docs! — Jason Grinblat (@ptychomancer) November 5, 2017 and I started responding, and I found I had a lot to say. My perspective and, I guess, credentials: I ran Failbetter for Read more

The Hands of Timefeatured

This is a conversation I had this morning with Martin Nerurkar about information management and pause mechanics in Cultist Simulator. It references this blog post (written almost exactly a year ago today!) which, if you’re putting your brain in this, is worth reading first. Feedback and discussion in the comments is welcome!   ak[9:31] I Read more


Matthias and the Amethyst Imagofeatured

I had a nasty moment this morning where a key on my keyboard got gunged up and for a moment the entire ULTIST SIMULATOR project was in jeopardy. All good now. Remember this? Here’s the story. Three days into the Cultist Simulator, I got this mail: “I have a question for you, which will require Read more


HIRING: UI Developer With Fancy Titlefeatured

I’m looking for another team member for Weather Factory. Martin Nerurkar is doing a wonderful job on the Cultist Simulator UI, but future projects could use someone full-time and permanent from 2018. I need someone with UI skills, specifically but not exclusively in Unity Good design instincts, both visual and system design At least one Read more